Our Story

Lissa has been obsessed with fashion ever since she was a child.  She started drawing fashion illustrations and designing outfits when she was just eight years old.  Her passion for fashion never left Lissa’s mind.  She studied fine art in college as she wanted to have a strong foundation in anatomy, drawing, painting and color theory, before specializing in fashion design.  After graduating, she went straight to work in the Fashion Industry as a buyer for Italian luxury designers including Stephano Ricci, Paciotti, Brioni and Antonio Berardi.  Working with prestigious brands elevated her knowledge of trends, lines and materials.  Attending elite fashion shows at the Milan Fashion Week twice a year gave her the best education she could get. As a buyer for high-end clients for 8 years, she became highly skilled in curating luxury clothing and accessory collections.  When she moved to Los Angeles in 2019 to pursue her art career, Lissa was overflowing with inspiration for her own designs. She decided to combine her two main passions, painting and fashion, into one by painting her unique artwork on purses. Her line became so successful that in 2022 the iconic fashion house Michael Kors invited her to collaborate and do live paintings on their bags, turning each one into a one-of-kind collectible. The Michael Kors collaboration helped produce record sales at their prestigious Los Angeles location. Lissa Mel is now expanding her brand by applying her artwork to T-shirts, sweatshirts and a variety of accessories.